Culver City Film Festival 2019
Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA; the love of cars was introduced to me at a very young age. My early experiences with cars come from my uncles who would tear down their engines in our backyard that had a garage with no secure doors. They would break them all the way down to the valve springs, crank, and cam bearings. Watching this led to a huge appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into designing and building a car. I knew then that as I grew older, I had to be a part of the car scene; somehow, someway.

My passion for cars has been translated through the art of my custom diecast cars. I take pride and pleasure in taking a 1:64 scale vehicle and re-creating the amazing builds of iconic builders and enthusiasts in the car scene as well as showcasing my own creative vision on how a car should look.

I also dabble in film production. I am currently a part of the Casanova Pictures creative/production team and have been doing it since 2006. We are consistently filming and our most recent project has gained so many accolades, from film festival acceptances to multiple awards. Click the following link to learn more about: The Chicken Party,

I still reside in Los Angeles, CA with my fiancĂ©, Dora; our five-year-year-old son, Ethan; and our cat named Catalina. I will be updating this site consistently and adding as much quality content as possible. Please add and follow me on all social media platforms by searching @pd9customs or Paul Dalusong for consistent updates on the projects I am proud to be a part of.


To get to know even more about me, the following showcases my general interests. I have set up genres with sub-genres to feature my top 5 favorites in each category. What else would you like to know?


Updated January 29, 2019


1. Macross Frontier
2. Macross Plus
3. Macross Delta
4. Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
5. Sword Art Online


1. Porsche 911 GT2 RS
2. McLaren 650s
3. Nissan Skyline GTR ER34 (R34 Sedan)
4. 2014 Subaru STI Hatchback
5. Porsche Panamera

1. Formula Drift
3. D1GP
4. Formula 1
5. Rally America
Honorable Mention: ARX (previously Red Bull GRC), IMSA

Pro Drivers
1. Chris Forsberg (Formula Drift)
2. Kristapps Bluss (Formula Drift, EEDC)
3. Fernando Alonso (F1, FIA WEC)
4. Daigo Saito (D1, Formula Drift)
5. Kevin Estre (FIA WEC)
Honorable mentions: Ken Nomura, Ken Gushi, Nobushige Kumokubo 

Race Cars
1. Porsche 991.2 RSR
2. Porsche 911 GT3 R
3. McLaren 650S GT3
4. E92 Eurofighter
5. Chris Forberg's 370z


1. Steak
2. Ceviche
3. Tacos
4. Carne asada fries
5. Sauteed mushrooms

Favorite Places to Eat
1. Dino's Chicken and Burgers (Specifically on Pico and Berendo in LA. Nothing beats them) - Korea Town, Los Angeles, CA
2. Kouraku Ramen - Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA
3. Bernie's Teriyaki - Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA
4. Chop Teriyaki - Pico Riversa, CA
5. Hash House A-Go-Go - Las Vegas, CA

Treat Yo'self Restaurants
1. Morton's - DTLA, CA (best tasting steaks so far)
2. Mastro's Ocean Club - Malibu, CA
3. Fleming's - Pasadena, CA
4. The Wicked Spoon - Las Vegas, NV (best buffet ever)
5. Nobu - Newport Beach (best presentation)


1. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse
2. The Pink Panther (2006)
3. Fight Club
4. Speed Racer
5: Mission Impossible Fallout
Honorable Mentions:  All Mission Impossible Movies

1. Tom Cruise
2. Edward Norton
3. Dave Bautista
4. Idris Elba
5. Christoph Waltz
Honorable mention: Benedict Cumberbatch


1. Linkin Park
2. Pepper
3. Iron Maiden
4. Destruction Made Simple
5. Galactic Empire
Honorable Mentions: Suicidal Tendencies when Eric Moore II was their drummer.

1. Punk Rock
2. Reggae
3. Metal
4. Rap / Hip Hop
5. Alternative Rock


1. The World Ends With You (Nintendo DS)
2. Assassins Creed (The Ezio Saga)
3. Final Fantasy 8
4. Grand Theft Auto 5
5. FR Legends

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