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Here is a list of web series that will be featured on my channel:

Pd9 Customs (Featuring)
This will be a show featuring amazing builds from other customizers as well as myself.

PD9 Builds
Probably the longest episodeS to be featured, this is a show that features my special projects and I will be compiling pictures and videos from the sourcing the casting and parts all the way to finish. These projects will be the builds for industry leaders: from widebody pioneers like Kei Miura and Akira Nakai; to professional drivers like Ken Gushi and Chris Forsberg; to performance shops like Evasive Motorsports; to enthusiasts and influencers like Sam Du and Jonathan Wong. This series will highlight all the key events between starting the project to handing the custom over to its new owner.

PD9 Tutorials Ep. 1

An in-depth tutorial series highlighting tips on tricks on how I do all of my customs. From the way I crack them open and re-tap rivets for re-sealing with cap screws, to using hobby epoxy for widebody aero kits. The goal of this series help you achieve the results you to make premium quality custom diecast cars.

PD9 Opens Ep. 1

A short video series featuring me opening unique and unusual ~1:64 scale diecast cars and diecast items that you normally don't come across everyday.

1:1 With PD9

This one is still on the drawing board, but more info will be posted once it comes closer to production.

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Plenty more to come.

-Paul Dalusong

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