Friday, June 14, 2019

Custom Matchbox: 2016 Toyota Tacoma

With a Ladder Rack and Running Boards

Another project for my good friend Javier (@drftngkng). For this coming Father's Day, Javier wanted to surprise his dad with a replica of his truck. Originally this was just supposed to be a recolor of a Matchbox Tacoma but the most recent picture he sent me included a ladder rack and running boards that his dad just added so I wanted to replicate it in its current state to make it all the more better. Here's how i customized this Taco:

From the Blister

So you can never find these in stores anymore and I had to source it from eBay. It wasn't too pricey and it was for a friend so I did not mind at all.

Making the Ladder Rack and Running Boards

I made the ladder rack out of basic paper clips, similar to when I make roll cages and crash bars.

Need to make sure everything lines up

Custom Running Boards

Primer and Paint


Custom Modifications

-Stripped, re-painted, and detailed.
-Custom ladder rack
-Custom running boards

You can see more of this truck on my Instagram: @pd9customs

You can also see more of my favorite custom replica this year in the following link:

More customs to come so keep checking back.


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