Friday, June 7, 2019

June 2019 Week 1

June Projects

I am just getting back into the 1:64 scale groove. I took on two huge projects in April and May that opened up more doors to new projects. Take a look at the projects I have in the works.

Subaru STI "Blobeye"

I've always had a special place for STIs. They are one of my favorite cars to this day and this gen was the one that fully got me into the idea of ever owning or working on one. Since the funds aren't quite there, I have absolutely am all for working on a 1:64 scale project for a friend.

Two Toyota 86s Just For Fun

After watching the first two rounds of Russian Drift Series 2019 Season, I was inspired by Nikita Shikov to customize two Rocket Bunny / HGK 86s. Not sure what color they will end up but I'm thinking one is definitely going to be kept for myself and then the other may be raffled out.

Toyota Tacoma

Just a recolor and wheel swap for this Tacoma going to my good friend and owner of @cr8tivepixls, Javier (@drftngkng). He has helped me hugely improve my logo designs and he's an all around great guy. Give him and his business a follow when you have the chance.

Video Content Update

I have hundreds of clips that I need to put together. For those who already know me, I love working on production crews, so I have a huge appreciation for film-making. I plan on creating video content involving my project cars and hopefully featuring other customizers along the line. More on this in the coming weeks.

The Unmentionables

You can see my "unmentionables" once they are completed on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, eventually YouTube, and finally on here for full breakdown of the build and a spec sheet.

In regards to those major projects I did and since it's Formula Drift ROund 4, you can see the custom Hot Wheels 86 I made for Ken Gushi in the following link:

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Keep checking back for more 1:64 scale fun.


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