Sunday, May 19, 2019

Two 1:18 Scale Lexus RC F for Evasive Motorsports

Exploring an Even Bigger Scale
Started off Ultrasonic Blue Mica
I recently took on a new project for Evasive Motorsports to repaint two 1:18 scale RC-Fs. I have never taken on a project at this scale but I am always up for a new challenge. I had no idea just how detailed these RC Fs were going to be so the process was admittedly difficult, but it was not something I couldn't handle. Take a look at how I changed this RC F from "Ultrasonic Blue Mica" to "Caviar".


The number of parts quadrupled in a matter of minutes

 The Most Difficult Part of The Model: The Doors

Removing the doors from the main body was a breeze but separating the interior door panels was extremely difficult. There are three points within the panel that you cannot see that are super glued. Since I had never had to separate anything like this before I had to research and experiment myself. I have found that other modelers said this was easy because they are typically just snapped in but as I mentioned earlier they were glued on. So with a little thinking and experimenting I was successfully able to pry off the panels without damaging the plastic. I did scratch the inside as you can see but I am re-painting the inside of the door and it will be hidden by the panels once again.

Organizing the mirrors and door knobs for both cars

Of course the mirrors are three pieces... (2 pieces and hardware)

98% Stripped



"Caviar" aka Gloss Black

All Done

Don't mind the painter's tape. They are still there just so that the hood and trunk don't keep flipping open during transport.

Repackaged and ready for delivery
I am beyond happy to say that this was definitely a challenge to help me grow. I am just waiting for the green light from Evasive to fully announce what these two cars are for. Any ideas?

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