Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Progress Report: Project R35 Pt. 1

2 Godzillas for Cr8tive Pixls
Pink flakes everywhere
Getting Started

So I have been working on a special project for the man who helps me render and upgrade my logos, Javier P., owner of Cr8tive Pixls. I was asked to make just one R35 for him but because he has helped me so much, I wanted to make him two. The first one he asked to make is for his wife and he wanted a glitter pink R35, simple, without any widebody kits. So I sourced the paint and wheels and this time I went with Monoblock Wheels. The quality of these wheels are beyond amazing and come are aggressively priced at 5 sets for $20, which is pretty much one set for free if you try to source Hot Wheels with Real Riders equipped; so you definitely get more bang for your buck. Anyway, I got some rattle cans and tried something new with this custom as you've seen above. Here's how it looked before the paint:

His and Hers

Godzilla kisses

On to Javier's

Because Javier was so kind to make me two logos, I wanted to make his extra special. So far for his R35, I've only done a wing delete, smoothed out the trunk lid where the wing used to be with epoxy. Now comes the hard part... the widebody kit. I have been thinking long and hard on which direction to go but I think I know which way I'm going.

Wing deleted and filled with epoxy
Back to Pinkzilla
Custom modifications for the glitter pink R35:
-Stripped, re-painted with pink base and glitter, and detailed
-Detailed interior
-Lowered front around 1mm
-Lowered rear around 2mm
-Wheel swap with Monoblock Wheels

Plenty more to do so for Javier's stay tuned.

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