Friday, July 16, 2021

PD9 TUTORIALS | How to Separate the Base from the Casting

My first tutorial video showcased how to crack open a Hot Wheels/Matchbox single mainline package without damaging the card and the blister which can be seen by clicking the following link:

Now this next part of the tutorial series gets more exciting, as you get to crack open the car itself separating the base from its casting which opens a whole new set of options for you to go. Whether it be a wheel swap, maybe you want to recolor the casting completely and even add a few details to the panel lines and lights, or you want to go all out and add a widebody kit... The possibilities are endless and this video will help you or anyone interested in getting started in such an amazing hobby, and begin their custom diecast car adventure.

Please view the video, give me some feedback as I would love to improve my videos moving forward, like the video if you would like to see more like it or from other diecast car customizers, and share the video with anyone you know looking to start a new, fun, and amazing hobby.

Until the next one...

Paul Dalusong

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