Tuesday, July 28, 2020

PD9 Shrinks It: Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept

My Upcoming Video Series and This Beauty
You saw it here first! Or maybe on my Instagram feed... Regardless, this is the first of its kind. Click the jump for more!

So I just recently started using the hashtag #PD9ShrinksIt on my Instagram for my replicas of full scale race cars. I am trying my best to make time and edit the tons of diecast footage I have to reignite the consistency of my video content. This project is by far, the most I have documented on video. It is a Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept from Gran Turismo Sport on PS4 and the upcoming Gran Turismo 7 on PS5. Here's how this custom came to be.

Free Decals

A few months ago, I entered my "86 Time Attack Machine" into the @modmyride Custom Hot Wheels Subaru BRZ buildoff and took third place. With that I was able to get a sponsorship and free decals from Mod My Ride himself. These decals are for the RX-7 (FD3S) build-off. I didn't place this time because there were a bunch of other phenomenal builds.

It sounds like an excuse but due to time restrictions, I wasn't able to get all the details I wanted on this one which is why I do plan on making a V2 some time this year to get it to look the way I want. It will more than likely be more of a street build than GT3 but we'll see.

I Know What I Want To Do But Where To Start?

If you haven't seen @modmyride's contests, he has two categories; Mild and Wild. As you see there are two RX-7s in this picture and I was hoping to build a custom for each category. Unfortunately I had to give up my Mild build to focus all my time and energy on my Wild build.

Since I was trying to replicate the current generation Mazdas' iconic new look, I needed to really think outside the box. I started off thinking I was going to sculpt the entire front end but ended up taking the front end of a Hot Wheels 2015 Miata MX-5 and spliced it in and though it was difficult, it did not disappoint.

Before one of the final epoxy sessions to make that front end.

If you look closely I actually filled in the front of the b-pillar, cut the rear window and made the rear a bit more squared off, just as the full scale RX-Vision.

Last week: Almost Done

The rear is coming along.

The First Ever 1/64 Scale Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept Is Done

The scaling is slightly off but I am proud of how it all came out.

Seeing this shot, I realized, I probably should have made the base glossy as well.


-Stripped, repainted, and detailed
-Custom RX-Vision GT3 widebody/aero kit
-Custom front end made with Hot Wheels 2015 Mazda Miata MX-5
-Custom side skirt extensions
-Custom front lip
-Custom rear diffuser
-Custom side exit exhaust
-Custom GT wing
-Custom fender accents
-Waterslide decals by @modmyride
-Wheels by Monoblock Wheels
-Wheel spacers by HW Works

As I mentioned earlier, I unfortunately didn't place but as always, it was fun to build something different and compete with some of the best customizers of today.

Video content still in the works and more custom diecast cars coming soon. V2 of this will actually be more of a street/drift spec build.

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