Thursday, March 12, 2020

Custom Supra Tuned A90 Replica

Delivered on Supra Sunday Hosted by Longo Toyota and Super Street
Photo Credit: Brian Diep

It's been a lifelong dream of mine to take part in a SEMA build. Being able to wrench on full scale build and have that build featured at booth would give anyone a sense of pride for such a huge accomplishment. Though this is obviously nothing compared to a full scale SEMA build, every big project I have had lately has felt like I've had that adrenaline rush of having to complete it by a "deadline." Even though the deadlines are not dictated, I do make it a point to present a custom replica during a special event. I gave Ken Gushi's 2019 Pro Car to him during Round One of Formula Drift in Long Beach; I presented Sam Du his EVS Tuning A90 during the Bowls x Super Street SEMA 2019 Preview; and now we have Young Tea's AutoTuned x Supra Tuned A90 that I presented to him on Supra Sunday at Longo Toyota.

Another highlight was having the honor of my custom to be showcased on the dash of the Supra.

I took on this project knowing that I was going to deliver during the Supra Sunday event once they announced it. I made Young's younger brother's Scion FR-S a year or so ago and I was fortunate enough to have the Auto Tuned family notice.  I finally had the pleasure to meet Young before I presented him his car. It was then we kind of joked around about me building a replica of one of the other Auto Tuned projects. Fast forward to a few months later and the 2020 Toyota Supra A90 officially releases. Auto Tuned obviously got a Nitro Yellow A90 and already had some collaborations with their partners in the works.

It wasn't until SEMA where AutoTuned took on the challenge of building three A90 Supras for SEMA 2019. Much like this build, they spent countless hours in pursuit of expressing the perfect build. Out of those three, came this beauty.

Photo Credit: Brian Diep

Fast forward again to February 2020 and Longo Toyota announces their first meet for 2020, Supra Sunday co-hosted by Super Street. It was truly an amazing event, and I also realized that in all the excitement of building Young's A90, I totally forgot to get shots and footage of some of the other Supras. Nonetheless, after spending countless hours of my owntrying to put it together to be able to present it to Young on time for Longo's Supra Sunday.

Photo Credit: Brian Diep

In case you didn't know I am a father of two and mostly work on my customs when my kids are asleep. That means I don't work on them until 10:30PM the earliest depending on how much sugar my son happened to ingest after 5:00PM.

Photo Credit: Brian Diep

On the night before Supra Sunday, I literally stayed up all night to finish the car. So since I woke up at 8:00AM Saturday morning, that means I stayed up more than 24 hours during the event. The crazier part, is that I began my shift for work at 10:00AM after the event had ended at 9:00AM.

Even with the lack of sleep, this is exactly why enjoy doing what I do. Not only am I still able to express my love for cars through my customs, but to be able to see the genuine appreciation and excitement when the full scale builder receives a miniature version is truly priceless. That is genuine passion and excitement from the both of us.

Young Tea excited for his new toy

I got so caught up with the two cars I had already replicated that I didn't get enough shots and footage of the other amazing builds that were showcased at the meet.

Jerel Natividad's A90

James Nguyen's JZA80 Engine Bay

@Tsunoke's A90
Here's Sam Du's A90 again:

Here's the replica of Sam Du's A90 (you can also see it in the article before this one) that I completed November 2019:

Based on the original concept by @JonSibal's render

Finally, because I buttoned up this custom minutes before I left for the event, I was unfortunately not able to have my typical photoshoot but luckily my good friend Brian Diep a.k.a. @briantheninja, was able to take some great shots with his camera.

After the meet, Young did let me know that, just like all builds, this A90 is going to evolve and that just means I am going to be ready to replicate the latest version once it is revealed.

So stay tuned for that and don't forget to check out my other customs like Ken Gushi's 2019 Pro Car:

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