Friday, January 24, 2020

Attending The Super Street x Bowls Sema 2019 Preview

2 Great Builds Debuting on the Same Night
Made from a Tomica 2020 GR Supra
Posting a few months late but happy that I'm finally able to share. You can see all the angles in my Instagram.
Presenting Sam Du with a 1/64 scale replica of his A90 Supra

This was a first for me and thanks again to my good friend Jonathan Wong for making it possible for me to present Sam Du a replica of his Sema project 2020 GR Supra (A90) with the all new Evasive Motorsports' EVS Tuning Widebody Kit.

Photo taken by Jonathan Wong
Sam Du is the current editor in chief of the Super Street Network. He has taken what he knows and helped make the Import scene what it is today. It was truly an honor to meet yet another industry leader and present him with a replica of his car.

Photo taken by Jonathan Wong

EVS Widebody Kit

If you know Evasive Motorsports, then you know they make quality builds of some of the fastest cars to hit the Time Attack circuit. They also developed and debuted their new kit under their house brand, EVS Tuning. In my opinion, this is the best street spec'd performance car.

Recessed fenders complimenting all the lines.

Dai Yoshihara's 86 Levin powered by a Type R (FK8) Engine

This car was a last minute surprise. Dai has been teasing his project for a bit. So Dai was also able to add a bonus surprise and debut by also showcasing his Levin powered by an FK8 K20 engine.

The purists may not agree; but his reasoning for putting a Honda engine in is because it is the most powerful, and lightest 4-cylinder engine that can produce as much power as it does out of the gate. Dai also being a driver for Spoon, piloting the center drive Time Attack Civic, he is no stranger to the engine and its capabilities.


Another special kit that was debuted was TRA Kyoto's new Pandem kit for the '86 Corolla.

BBS? Yes please!

Unfortunately, the car was not fully running at the time, but it was still awesome to see such a unique and high calibur build.

This build was brought to you in part by...

It was definitely amazing and truly an honor to take part in the event. I stayed until the end and even made it to the final picture with all the attendees that you can see on the article posted by Super Street and on Sam's Instagram feed. I got to see amazing builds, make friends with new people. Now that my daughter is a little older, I can definitely make time for more replicas and present them to their respective owners.

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