Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Formula Drift 2019 Round 1, Day 1

Delivering Ken Gushi's custom
Photo by Jonathan Wong
As I mentioned in my previous post, I was fortunate enough to personally deliver my custom replica of Ken Gushi's pro car to him.
Photo by Jonathan Wong
Photo by Jonathan Wong

Hanging out at Ken Gushi's pit

Thanks to Jonathan and our mutual friends, for the majority of the event I was fortunate enough to hang out at Ken Gushi's pit. I was able to take some shots of his car, get to know some members of his pit crew, and also get a first hand look of how they work behind the scenes. It was definitely a great experience.

Rays GramLights 57CR

The other cars of Round 1

Here are a few other pictures I took of other cars I was fortunate enough to take a closer look at.

Dai Yoshihara's BRZ

Evasive Motorsports FR-S to be piloted by Dai Yoshihara in this year's Pikes Peak Hill Climb Challenge

Jhonnattan Castro's 86

Ryan Tuerck's 86

Chris Forsberg's VR 38 powered 370Z

Fun fact: Chris Forsberg was the driver who fully got me into motorsports. I first saw him drive in this series in 2007 and I was immediately hooked. The fact that he put a Titan/Armada engine in a 350 Z Roadster and hearing the roar of its engine and exhaust just blew my mind. 

George Kiriakapoulos'  2JZ powered 370Z

More car stuff and even more customs on the way. Who's car should I build next?

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-Paul Dalusong

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