Monday, February 11, 2019

Hot Wheels: Race to Win at Discovery Cube Los Angeles

An exhibit for Hot Wheels lovers of all ages.
My son excited to be at the entrance of the exhibit.

Huge thanks to my wife for taking my son and me to the Hot Wheels: Race to Win exhibit at the Discovery Cube in Los Angeles. It was an amazing, highly interactive experience centered on having kids learn about the science behind cars and racing as well as the history of Hot Wheels and how racing is a huge influence on the brand. It was truly amazing to see how Hot Wheels and the Discovery Cube prepared the exhibit to be so informative for Hot Wheels lovers of all ages. They broke down each section of the exhibit into colored zones that were filled with displays and activities to support the topic of each zone. Once you enter the Discovery Cube main entrance, there is a ramp to your right that immediately leads to the featured exhibit.

Directory upon entry
At the top of the ramp you are greeted by the directory above to help you navigate the different zones and what they specialize in.


Spin that wheel. Feel a difference?

Pit crew experience for kids.
There was a simulation NASCAR pit stop for kids to learn what a pit stop consists of and how important the pit crew is. Each member has a key role and kids learn the importance by participating in those roles as well. There was a station for a kid to lift and drop the vehicle, one to re-fuel the vehicle, and a section for two to three kids to change out the tires; one on the impact gun, one to remove the old tire, and another to put on the new tire. It really is exciting to see and experience.

Different racing steering wheels

Internals of an engine

Experimental crash course

Importance of a Hans device

Protecting your eyes

Fire protection

Front view of the pit crew shirt

Rear view of the pit crew shirt

Drag strip

Motorized vs non-motorized launch

Very true

Sounds of different types of engines

Family race team photo op

NASCAR racing suit

Interactive display on aerodynamics. 
Awesome O.Z. Racing wheel seats



Upon entering the Discovery Cube, there is also a sub-exhibit on the main floor where they have a portion of the main exhibit. Here was a section for putting your own Hot Wheels track together, along with other activities such as coloring pages, and another photo op.


Exclusive Blvd Bruiser taken from my Instagram story
Before you leave don't forget to visit the gift shop because there are a handful of exclusive items that you can purchase such as an exclusive t-shirt, a souvenir cold cup, and a special edition Hot Wheels Blvd. Bruiser exclusive to the Race to Win exhibit equipped with Real Riders.


Because it was pretty hectic, I was not able to take a picture of every single part of the exhibit, such as the stage that featured presenters to further explain the different sciences behind racing and building a race car, as well as having real race car drivers on select dates. There's plenty to see and do at the Race to Win exhibit and also plenty more exhibits to find around the Discovery Cube. If you are in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend checking this out before it leaves on April 28, 2019. You won't be disappointed.

Would you prefer a video tour instead of reading an article? Please let me know below.

More information on this event can be found in the following link:
Hot Wheels Race to Win at Discovery Cube Los Angeles

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-Paul Dalusong

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