Saturday, March 23, 2019

Custom Hot Wheels: Rocket Bunny EF

@jdmwong's Honda Civic EF Hatchback
Rocket Bunny, Five Mart, SSR Fins
Honestly, I think this is my cleanest build so far. 

As I have been customizing diecast cars for a few years now, I've always been caught between doing replicas of full scale cars or customizing original casting designs that are not certified makes or models and just adding my own little touches. This one is an icon so I needed to make sure that I did it right. From the extremely rare 1-of-1 Rocket Bunny aero from TRA Kyoto to the SSR Wheels. I think I pulled it off. Take a look at its different stages:

Begin phase of the front bumper

First application of epoxy for the skirts and Five Mart rear wing.

Front lip, skirts and wing taking shape

Light Blue Metallic from DupliColor rattle can

Taped up for accurate detailing

All about the details

Look at those tail lights

I am beyond proud of the way this custom came out and that I was able to hand deliver to Jonathan himself who also shared it to the world. I am honored and humbled by his appreciation. More replicas to come so stay tuned.


-Stripped, repainted and detailed
-Custom Rocket Bunny Aero from TRA Kyoto
-Custom Five Mart rear wing
-Wheels swap with SSR Fins from @710pandabear
-Lowered about 1-2mm
-Fitment made possible by wheel spacers from @hotwheelsworks

See the finished custom and more on my Instagram: @pd9customs.


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