Saturday, March 9, 2019

RWB By Pd9 No. 4 "Voodoo Blue"

Made from Hot Wheels 934 Turbo RSR
I've been working on this custom since September/October 2018. I wanted to make sure that this came out as perfect as it possibly could. From sourcing the right wheels, to chopping up the rear so that the exhaust with the twin turbo set up would properly accentuate the whole build. I even went as far as asking my Instagram followers what the color it should be and the majority voted for Voodoo Blue, so it was only right that I listened to them. At long last, it is done.

Just before adding the water-slide decals

Exhaust by @hotwheelsworks


-Stripped, repainted, and fully detailed exterior with RWB water-slide decals and panel lining.
-Full RWB 930 Racing Widebody Kit made from Tamiya Smooth Type Epoxy. ~2mm wider on each side.
-Lowered ~1-2mm (Tip: I lower after painting the casting because I learned the hard way that the paint layers build up and at times end up rubbing on the tires you worked so hard to make sure that they didn't even slightly touch.)
-Twin Turbo Exhaust from @HotWheelsWorks.
-Premium wheels from @Kreauto.

Flip back to the previous post or click the following link to see how it looked like 2 weeks ago:

More ambitious customs and videos are in the works so please keep checking back. 

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-Paul Dalusong

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